Agripreneur Of The Year (Over 30)

Country: Kenya

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Dickson Kahuro
OxfarmAg Ltd
OxfarmAg Ltd, was established in 2016 and formally registered in 2017 with the mission of promoting sustainable and eco-friendly fruit tree farming solutions to farmers. Farmers are faced with challenges like unpredictable weather changes, limited access to inputs, limited technical expertise, lack of access to irrigation water, limited finances and limited access to markets for their produce. Most of agricultural farming, especially the traditional forms are much affected in comparison to fruit tree farming. Fruit tree farming has several positive impacts to the community such as food security and improved local economy, environmental through carbon sequestration mitigating effects of climate change, conservation of biodiversity by preserving different varieties of fruits and through sustainable farming, fruit tree farming is beneficial for soil health, as the trees' roots help to aerate the soil and add organic matter. We believe that with sustainable fruit trees farming and technical assistance to our communities, we can make a positive impact on the environment and local communities.
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