3 ways restaurants can survive this coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus has affected all businesses and restaurants have not been spared. However, restaurants can still survive this pandemic by adapting to the changing circumstances by implementing the following

Offer free delivery services

Most people are working from home and most probably ordering a lot of items online. Paying for delivery every time one places an order will become expensive in the long run. Offer free delivery services and set yourself above your competitors. 

Use existing crm data, incorporate sms and email marketing

Constantly keep educating your clients about COVID-19 and let them know what you are doing to help. Also give them ideas on how they can help too. You can all be part of the solution.

Consider online campaigns that help local business

Social media usage has greatly increases and you should use this to your advantage to attract new customers and sell to your existing ones. Advertise your free delivery services and your unique offers. This will help attract a new customer base and retain your existing clients. 

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