Compassion, kindness and sympathy; a founder's essentials

As a founder, there is need to connect with the people around you. In order to make this possible, you need to be compassionate, kind and sympathetic. This is more crucial at this time when the world is in crisis mode. We are all dealing with a pandemic and as a founder here is why you need to be more compassionate and kind.

You have many people who are dependent on you

Your employees, audience, investors, partners, clients and any other person connected to your business is looking up to you. They are dependent and counting on your support. Whether they voice or not, they expect you to be supportive and be genuinely concerned about them.

Losing a job is tough especially during a pandemic

Some ventures have closed shop and some are slow. This means that businesses are no longer able to sustain their employees and drastic measures such as laying off employees and unpaid leaves have been implemented. While doing this, be sympathetic and give your employees time to adjust to the new reality. Remember your employees have played a great role in building your business and they need to feel valued by you as the founder even if you still are letting them go. 

There is need for a safe environment to relay frustrations and seek understanding

Create a safe environment where your employees, investors and partners are able to come to you. As their leader, they rely on you to provide more insights into some issues for them to understand well. They also need to be able to relay their frustrations without fear. This means you need to work on yourself as a founder in order to create this environment for them. 

There are so many people who are dependent on you

Your employees, your partners, your clients, investors and so many more. Directly or indirectly, so many people are dependent on you. Your employee has a family and therefore their family is dependent on you as a founder. Your clients still rely on you to deliver, your investors still need you to find a way to make things work. Realizing that you have more responsibility at this time is important ant this should motivate you to work on your people skills. Learn how you can ensure everyone dependent on you feels supported and do it. Support them!

Emotional support and intelligence is needed

There is so much going on at this time and emotional support could really go a long way in helping people around you as a founder.

Take away worry, depression, anxiety and any negativity by being there for people who look up to you and are dependent on you. Even if you are unable to provide financially, you can provide support in other ways. 

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