Seven ways startups should be preparing for coronavirus

Coronavirus is here and every business has a role to play regardless of size. How is your startup preparing for this virus? This post explores seven measures your startup should implement to contribute towards fighting this virus.

Encourage hand washing

Sometimes the simplest actions make the most impact. Regular hand washing has already been said many times by now but still emphasize on it. People do forget or get caught up in their activities. Play a role by reminding them to regularly wash their hands.

Wipe down work areas regularly

Wipe surfaces regularly especially those that people are in contact with. Also, do wipe your phone and other items used repeatedly.

Encourage flu vaccination

Medical personnel are already under a lot of pressure handling covid-19 patients. A flu vaccination would really save them a lot of time, energy and resources at this time. This ensures that hospitals are not burdened by people who have flu and are mistaking it for coronavirus because of similar symptoms.

Zero tolerance sick policy

Anyone who is sick or is starting to feel sick should take a sick day or work from home. Support your employees by having paid sick leaves. Remember, your employees are human and if everyone falls sick, there will be no one to show up for work. 

Avoid travel

If it can be an email, write an email. This is the time to avoid movement and any person who travels should self-quarantine for fourteen days.

Plan for more remote work

Put structures in place to enable your team to continue working remotely. To make this work, you can discuss and agree on objectives, put the right tools in place and trust your people to do their job. 

Expect a second wave

We all should stay positive and hope a second wave does not occur. However, if it does occur, be prepared. History has it that most pandemics do have a second wave and that is enough reason to have plans in place in case history repeats itself.

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