Why founders need to keep a positive mindset especially during this pandemic

Pay attention to your mental health!

We are in the middle of a crisis and it is so easy to get caught up in the confusion and anxiety about everything that is going on around us. We are all focused on staying healthy and minimizing exposure to the virus but one important aspect that you need to pay attention to is your mental health.

A pandemic was not part of your crisis plan

A pandemic was not part of anyone's crisis plan. You never saw it coming and never thought it would but we are here now. Whatever actions you take are all dependent on your mindset and this is why as a founder, you need a positive mindset.

You are a captain and you need to get your ship back to safety

So many people are dependent on you to lead them during this time. Your employees, your clients, your investors, your business partners, directly or indirectly, you have many people looking up to you. The only way for you to keep them calm and lead them to safety is by ensuring you have a positive mindset. This will eventually steer your ship to the right direction. 

You can successfully survive this as a founder and your venture's post pandemic survival depends on your mindset as well

The mind is powerful and this is why your mental health as a founder matters. Tough times will come but what goes on in your mind during these times has a huge impact on the future of your venture. A positive mindset will get you through this and trust it to keep you going even when this pandemic is over. 

Shut down your business? Your experience and ideas are still with you

Even if you have shut down your venture as a founder, the founder in you still exists. Your experience, your skills, your ideas and your ability to create are still with you. You can apply all these things and come up with a better venture. Remember, no one is you and that is your superpower. 

You need to believe in yourself and drive your venture back to safety

You are the captain and your ship entirely depends on you. You need to believe in yourself, believe in your venture enough and drive your venture back to safety. 

Look at the possibilities and opportunities during this pandemic

With every crisis, comes opportunities and possibilities. There is always an upside and upside to everything. While this pandemic has had a lot of disadvantages, new businesses and inventions have come up, businesses have embraced technology more and some aspects about work will change in the long run. As a founder, be on the lookout for opportunities that your venture can take advantage of.


Learn, learn and learn. The world keeps changing everyday and you cannot afford to not keep improving your knowledge as a founder. There will always be something new to learn and with businesses being slow at this time, you have ample time to enrich your knowledge.

Your mental health is equally important as your physical health. Pay attention to it because a healthy founder equals a healthy venture. 

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